I didn’t know the process of buying a new home could be considered enjoyable but that is the case with MVB. From start to finish it was a much easier process than I remember it being in the past with other lenders. Their process and people are top notch and we can’t thank Ray and his team enough for the pleasant experience.

Jedediah F.

Ray Logue was able to quickly help me during a very distressing time and know my options clearly!

Shelly J.

Ray, Julie and Mitchell were all great to deal with. Ray notified me of the lower interest rate and got on top of what I would need extremely quick and in the midst of the pandemic.

Stephanie W.

Every person I have been in contact with has been friendly, helpful and efficient. The whole experience was exemplary of extraordinary service.

Linda C.

Ray is great to work with!

Raymond D.

Ray Logue and Mitchell Bland were great. They were very helpful and made things much less stressful.

Katelyn D.

Ray Logue is exceptional.

Anthony B.

Mitchell and Ray went above and beyond for me. Every step of the process they kept me up to date and treated me like family. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate all their hard work. I’m so glad I chose MVB for my home mortgage.

Christina M.

Great service. great people to work with.

Christopher G.

I worked with Mitchell and Alura. They are both very hard working and upbeat individuals. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Thank you thank you thank you!

Summer V.

Ray was exceptional. We were first time home buyers, and he was patient, thoroughly explained answers to every question we had -- no matter how green. He was easy to reach, communicated very well, and was very timely.

Amanda B.

Ray and his team were great. We had a lot to get through and they navigated it well.

John L.

Everyone was super helpful and eager to assist me. Every question or concern I had was answered in a timely manner. .

Logan S.

Everyone provided quick, reliable help in the time crunch we experienced. The services provided to us could not have been better! Ray, Mitch, Julie, and Jeremy answered all our questions and were able to help get rid of the first home buyer mortgage fears! .

Nicholas D.

Ray’s team took the time to call me personally and check off the needed documents. This was after submitting the same documents in triplicate. She walked me through the missing documents and everything started coming together. .

Billy K.

Overall my experience with MVB bank was exceptional. Ray, Julie, and Mitchell, etc. were excellent to work with. We were able to close on my home very quickly and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend MVB bank.

Adrienne D.

We appreciate that MVB, Mr. Logue and Mr. Bland honored every commitment made when we first applied for our loan. They stopped any roadblocks that occurred and got our loan closed efficiently and quickly, respecting our time and need to meet later in the day due to our work schedules.

Terri S.

My overall experience could not have been better. The communication and response time in securing the loan was excellent. In fact, because of this, I am in the process of transferring all of my banking business to MVB Bank. Thank you Ray for all of your efforts!

Vera D.

Ray and Mitchell are top notch! I am always satisfied with them and the bank as a whole and continue to look to them when I have questions or need something and consistently recommend MVB to anyone who asks.

Justin K.

Ray Logue, Mitchell Bland, and the rest of the loan team are amazing. They are honest and provide all the information needed to make informed decisions. The process is organized and easy to understand. I find it really nice and comforting that they update you throughout the process, so it doesn't feel like you're forgotten. Overall, I'm really impressed with the professionalism and the process as whole. Great job MVB!!!

Shelly R.

Truly a personal and professional experience

Audra M.

Atmosphere was very relaxing. Every question was answered as if it were the most important. Every person in the office Ray, Mitchell and Wendy, at some point or other during the process did something individually to help me through the process. I am sure every customer gets the same treatment. These are three people who work really well together and it shows in the results. I will actually miss having to stop in. Thanks for a great job guys!

William M.

A very pleasant experience. Mitchell Bland and Ray Logue kept us right well informed throughout and they were a barrel of laughs along the way. Never a dull moment.

Wilbur S.

To us MVB operates with a true hometown mindset. There is a confidence knowing you can walk in, see a friendly smile and talk to an MVB employee more than ready to help. They have always gone the extra mile for us!

Richard P.

Everything was top notch, my wife and I were well beyond satisfied with the whole loan process!!

Zachary M.

Ray and the entire team at MVB were wonderful every step of the way. As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions, but Ray and the MVB team were accessible, helpful, and all-around a great team to work with.

Kelsey S.

The Loan Officers at MVB Mortgage were very friendly and kind. They made sure I had a clear understanding of everything. Plus my loan was approved very quickly.

Keith K.

The process was painless from pre-approval to closing. Discussions about the interest rate rise/fall led to locking in at the correct time and attaining the best rate possible.

Joshua V.

Mitchell was hands down amazing. He was always available to answer questions and remained flexible with my busy schedule throughout the whole process. He explained everything so that I understood it.

Julie C.

It was the smoothest transaction that I have experienced in dealing with real estate.

Kathy M.

I have obtained many home mortgages in the past. This was our first time obtaining a construction loan. I of course had many questions. Our project had many obstacles and hurdles to overcome because of the type of house we needed to build. The team at MVB with Ray, Mitchell and Wendy were very professional and knowledgeable in navigating this complicated process. They made the whole process painless. They have gained my business for all my future mortgage needs. I can’t imagine ever leaving this team!

Kevin K.

I’ve always heard that buying a home was a nightmare yet the mortgage professionals at MVB bank made my home buying experience a positive one! Mitchell went above and beyond with his customer service including altering his work hours for my convenience.

Debbie S.

I want to say that Ray and Mitchell were phenomenal through the whole process where as assistant Wendy was awesome and Julie was fantastic as well. I ran into a problem with the first property I was buying because the seller lied on the disclosure. So I backed out of that house when we were nearly complete and ready to be approved. I immediately contacted Ray and Mitchell and told them what happened and I was going to be finding another property within days they were very supportive. I found another property and we still got that property closed on a timely manner. Thank you very much and I would recommend MVB to anyone that’s looking to purchase a home!

Walter I.

Ray is the man!

Joseph P.

Great, fast and easy process!

Sierra V.

Ray and the company kept us well informed, and provided excellent service throughout the entire process.

Stephen F.

Mitchell and Ray were exceptionally wonderful throughout the process, keeping us informed, reassured, and on track.

Christopher T.

Both Ray Logue and Julie Abel were outstanding. Responsive, timely, personable, and knowledgeable.

Justin C.

You guys made this process super easy for me. The communication was great and you were there to answer any questions I had. Thanks for making this a great experience!

Andrea O.

Everyone did a great job! Closing was even sooner than expected and no surprises at closing! Amount to close was lower than originally estimated. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful!

Allen F.

Ray helped a ton and made the process so smooth and easy. He was always just a call away to answer any questions.

Joshua T.

Ray Logue and his team are top notch. I would most highly encourage any home buyer to compare MVB to other banks. There is a true difference. The home buying process is quite a staggering mountain of documents, but they helped us navigate through it with ease.

Mark M.

The entire team at MVB were able to exceed my expectations throughout the entire process and provided me with the best in class service!

Lauren M.

Ray did a phenomenal job of keeping me in the loop, and filling me in on any developments that had occurred over the process of the loan.

Trey S.

I liked the team of people handling the loan information. Someone always seemed to be available to answer questions or take my information in order to keep the “ball rolling”. Everything seemed to go very smoothly and we closed on time. I would definitely recommend MVB for mortgage loans. You came highly recommended to me and it was definitely worth it. Thank you.

Donna P.

Prompt and great service. Mitchell does a great job with the process.

Robert C.

[Ray] answered my questions quickly and explained everything well.

Jeremy S.

Q: Was there anything we did exceptionally well?
A: Communication!

Shawn P.

I am very happy with how this entire process worked out. I was able to close a week ahead of the contract date and actually a month ahead of what I was expecting. I would highly recommend MVB.

Chad S.

Ray, Mitchell and Wendy went above and beyond to help me get where I needed to be to get my loan. Told me what needed to work on and do to get get where I needed to be to get my loan. Ray did everything he could in the beginning to help me get my loan so when I applied the second time it made it easier for Mitchell. Wendy was amazing as well if I could not get Mitchell she was there to help with questions.

Jodi B.

It was a pleasant transaction all around.

Richard M.

Ray and his team did an excellent job and were available after hours as well, great customer service and always a pleasure working with them.

Jennifer P.

The folks at MVB made our home buying experience very pleasant. They kept us well informed about each step of the process and were always able to answer any questions we had. Very friendly and professional atmosphere.

Scott H.

I and my husband had a great experience. I would highly recommended it to anyone. Everyone was very fast to respond and very nice.

Mikayla F.

Mitchell and Ray were exceptionally wonderful throughout the process, keeping us informed, reassured, and on track.